Project “Future Without War”

a global initiative to free the Earth from violence and war.

A letter to friends in Bolivia

Dear friends!

We write to you after a stormy night; the forces of nature seem to support us in our task. We are in the middle of a working retreat, focusing our energy on finding ways that we, Tamera, can help you, our compañeros in Latin America: Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico… Thank you for the invitation to come and present our work in Bolivia. This invitation serves as encouragement and inspiration to look again at the situation in South America and to concentrate on solutions. We are also moved by the volatile situation of the peace community San José de Apartadó. In this time there is a great opportunity and a great need for the development of an effective global alliance, a movement that would offer assistance to you in Bolivia as well as to our friends in Colombia.

 In this letter we will describe this great opportunity and share with you the basic thoughts that excite us and direct our course. These basic thoughts may be a solution to what most of the world perceives as unsolvable problems.

We can observe the negative effects of globalization everywhere we look. In every case the same destructive pattern is repeated: a country is ecologically exploited and inevitably destroyed through overgrazing, monoculture and exportation. Rural villages and communities are torn apart, trust is broken, and human beings loose their connection to the land and flee to the great urban centers where they live in inhumane conditions. Those who choose to remain in the rural areas do under the constant threat of expulsion. Globalization systematically prevents all potential solutions for healing and self-sufficiency such as the creation of seed banks, free access to water, the right to education, the participation in communities, or the building of subsistence economies. Discord and disinformation are spread all over the world to keep people governable in the grip of their fear.

How may we escape this curse?

Tamera offers the following answer: through the construction of models. And only through the construction of complex, sustainable and replicable models will we be able to escape this curse. That may seem strict, but it is actually something beautiful, as you know.

I would like to give you here an example: Sepp Holzer is being invited to introduce his water landscapes all over the world, which is wonderful. But at the same time, he knows that even the best water landscapes are pointless if humans continue to fight each other. Water is a uniting element, but in our current human condition it is source of conflict. For a water landscape to truly manifest its healing potential it must be built in relationship with human communities, in this way it moves towards the realization of a complete model. We come to the interconnected nature of the concept of models, for in order to create a functioning community we need to gain knowledge in love, and in order to gain knowledge in love we need to develop compassion for the world. In order to develop compassion for the world we need to re-learn how to think, and in order to re-learn how to think we need to know how to develop theories. To be able to develop theory we need education… you see, one cannot divide a whole, complex system into single parts and offer separate solutions and expect success.

For this reason it does not make sense to introduce the idea of water landscape alone. However, we see the potential for Bolivia to begin with a water landscape towards the creation of a model-university; in this way the holistic and sustainable model for a new civilization on this planet emerges through the construction of the water landscape. Here, one could study the mystery of water as well as develop new fundamental ideas about agriculture and permaculture. Here, ancient indigenous and mythological knowledge regarding the unity inherent in the human and nature relationship could be rediscovered and documented with the tools of modern science. Here, a global campus could arise that would educate young people towards new professions in the service of peace not war, a school for the study of the relationship between inner and outer peace, for the cultivation of forgiveness and solidarity between humans, for the healing of humanity and Earth. All these components come together in a powerful synergy which may have unexpected results.

And then a miracle might occur as soon as this center is built, even in early stages of manifestation. (…)

To continue, please download here the pdf


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Tamera Manifesto for a New Generation on Planet Earth

(…) The Earth can be healed. There is a world that heals our wounds. This is the world of undistorted life. And there is a world that causes the wounds: the world of the human being. These two worlds have to come together to prevent future suffering. The world of the human being has to be reintegrated into the basic structures of universal life. The following four basic areas must be healed: energy, water, nutrition and – love. These four sources of life must be liberated from the dark powers which have destroyed them (energy companies, dictatorships, churches and so on). This is not a private, and not a local fight. It is a global fight. It is a fight between the global powers of life and the global powers of destruction. If life wins, there will be no losers. (…)

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The Power of a „Concrete Utopia“

Excerpt from the book: The Sacred Matrix by Dieter Duhm

If we want to overcome war, we need a concrete vision for peace. If we want to overcome the powerful global field of violence, we need a concrete vision for a powerful global field of peace. During the student revolution in the Sixties, we experienced how easily people are united to fight against something, yet at the same time find it difficult to live together. We were able to solve the problem of a police barricade, but we were unable to solve the problem of dishwashing in our communal households, the problem of hierarchy in our groups, and especially the problem of sexuality. Apart from the slogans for a life free from domination, we had no positive vision and no concrete utopia for a new lifestyle. Most struggles for liberation were fights against existing injustice and were not a fight for the realization of a clearly seen and realistic vision for peace and justice.

TAMERA’s*) task is to develop a concrete utopia for a new type of human civilization and society and a new way of connecting our life with the beings of Nature and the powers of Creation. Such a concrete utopia contains a relatively precise image and a complex informational totality for a real culture of peace. The difference between utopia and illusion is that utopia is compatible with the inner blueprint and the possibilities of reality, i.e. of the universe. All beings carry a concrete utopia (a so-called “entelechy” and a sought-for inner gestalt) inside of them that guides their development. The power of concrete utopia is immense. It turns a seed into a full-size tree, a caterpillar into a butterfly, and an embryo into an adult. Individuals do not have this power on their own, but through their connection with the whole. Concrete utopia is the matrix or blueprint through which the power of the whole can flow into the individual and bring it into being. If a caterpillar wanted to become a butterfly on its own, it would have an impossible task. Concrete utopia is the power in life that takes all beings beyond their present limitations.

The action of concrete utopia follows a principle of power, which is far superior to all mechanistic principles. A tiny sprout of grass is capable of pushing through a layer of asphalt that is five centimeters thick. Again, it is not its own power that empowers it; it is its connection to the whole, which is immanent in its inner blueprint. The power struggle between the sprout of grass and the layer of asphalt is thus determined on a completely different level. In a comparable manner, the forces for peace could succeed against the external superiority of the powers of destruction.

If we are able to find a suitable concrete utopia for us and our cultural development, there is no doubt that a fundamental turn toward a future without violence is possible. This would give us the matrix or blueprint through which the power of Creation could enter our work. It is the only power stronger than war. The main idea behind TAMERA is to develop the concrete utopia that needs to emerge in the current entelechian development of history and to use the power of a utopia of peace to influence the struggles surrounding the major decisions of our time.

The inner “dream” of humanity is the still unfulfilled, but real vision of a global community of human beings and peoples, in solidarity with each other, linked together in mutual caring and love for all life on earth. What precisely does this dream mean for nutrition and production, the living together of the sexes, the political organization of new communities, global communication, and the collaboration between the beings of nature and the powers of Creation? What does this dream mean for our coexistence with wild animals, domestic animals, and snails in the garden? What precisely does it mean in relation to our daily life, our way of eating, working, loving, and praying? What kind of concentration of power and spirituality in our daily lives do we need, to be able to see and implement the concrete utopia immanent in us and in history? With these questions we are right on the threshold of the Archimedean fulcrum, where so many things are decided. There are no reasons to remain stuck in the constraints of the old life.

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Why a few groups can change the world

The Planetary Theory by Dieter Duhm describes why and how only a few people can create a big shift on earth. The theory is based on 30 years of research, both in practise and theory.

Dieter Duhm writes: “In the term “theory”, a scientific system is connected with a “view of God” (theos). Theory in this sense is not only a frame of abstract sentences, but a geistig view which changes the body. Real insights trigger an energy movement which takes hold of and changes the body.”

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International Identity

I received following message through the internet: July 23rd: “Former European Parliament Vice President Luisa Morgantini was detained by the Israel Defense Forces during an anti-fence in Bilin protest on Friday together with two other activists. Morgantini was released shortly after she revealed her identity. Sixty nine-year-old Morgantini, an Italian Member of the Euopean Parliament (MEP) has long been an outspoken supporter of Palestinians. She has participated several times in demonstrations in Bil’in and in June 2008 was injured when Israeli soldiers attacked a group of non-violent activists.
Morgantini, who served as Vice President of the European Parliament between 2007 and 2009, today joined over 100 people from the West Bank village in their weekly Friday protest, which began after midday prayers. She was among a group of about 100 internationals supporting the peaceful demonstrators.
Israeli soldiers starting firing tear gas about ten minutes after the demonstration reached the fence that has been built illegally and cuts off villagers from their land. They then chased the protestors and forcefully detained the politician who was held for approximately 30 minutes before being released when her identity became clear to soldiers.
After her release Morgantini said: “I saw Palestinians protesting nonviolently attacked by the army for trying to defend their lands. I strongly encourage the EU to take strong action for the protection of Palestinians and the implementation of their rights.”

One Israeli activist, Kobi Snitz, was arrested while trying to speak to the army in order to secure Morgantini’s release.
Nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize, Morgantini is a leading member of the Italian peace movement and a champion of the Palestinian cause.
Many people suffered from tear gas inhalation and stun grenades thrown into the field, caused a fire among the olive trees.
Today’s protest in Bil’in proves once again that the army is continuing its policy of harshly suppressing demonstrations and arresting non-violent protesters. The demonstration called for the release of prisoners, Adeeb Abu Rahma, Abdullah Abu Rahme, Ibrahim al-Bornat, and Ahmed al-Bornat – all Bil’in residents jailed by Israel for resisting the occupation.”

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The Miracle of Mulatos

by Martin Winiecki
A Centre for Planetary Future in the Colombian Jungle

The peace community San José de Apartadó is a rural community of about 1500 inhabitants living in the north of Colombia. They do not belong to any organisation, do not carry weapons, and are bound together through an unswerving ethic of peace. Yet they are in the way of the government and multinationals who want to push forward globalisation, and are therefore being brutally fought by the state. In the past thirteen years they have lost nearly 200 community members who were killed by the military, paramilitary and guerilla. Yet they continue…

download full version as pdf:  deutsch english spanish portugues

Two videos, which we recommend to watch:

Global Campus and the Peace Community San José de Apartadó – by Ede Müller:

Campus Global y la Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó, Colombia – por Ede Müller:

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Beyond 2012

On the 3rd of May 2010, the “School of the Future” opened its gates in Tamera. Founder and one of the main teachers of this school is Dr. Dieter Duhm in cooperation with Sabine Lichtenfels. They have been working for over 30 years on a concrete plan for the healing of humankind and earth. This school is a next step in the realisation of this plan.
The goal is to create a global intellectual and spiritual field for a future without war, a love without jealousy, a new self-consciousness of women, a revolutionary transformation of the man, new community knowledge, a spiritually based ablility of survival, a conscious cooperation with nature and all creatures and self-sufficiency.
The school is co-operating globally with all groups who wish to take part. All participants of this school will study the same thoughts and texts in the same rhythm. Once a month we will send out texts (and post them here) and from time to time they will be supplemented with cross-references or other short articles. This will create a global coherence and a combined knowledge. We will recognise ourselves as part of a movement for the future and – through continuous study and global networking – we will find the permanent happiness of being safe and secure in a greater reality. We call the resonance which will come up amongst all participants nothing else but the strongest existing force on this planet: love.
In such a system forces of self-healing are able to develop which help us to unfold our gifts and talents in service for all.
We want to invite everyone who is interested to actively participate and attend this school. Please leave a message.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
We will start the online education with the text “Beyond 2012” by Dieter Duhm.

And please watch the following video (3.48 min)

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What we want

The following Manifesto is worth reading and sharing with all your friends.  I invite to leave comments!

Manifesto for the Movement for a Free Earth

What we want is not to be normal but to be true.
What we want is not only to fight against the old system but to create a new system.
What we want is the full liberation of love and sexuality from fear.
What we want is to strengthen our will in the conscious decision to serve peace – outside and inside.
We won’t be able to handle the challenges which we will face with only our own power. What we want is to cooperate with the greater forces of life.
What we want is to experience the original form of humans living together: Community

We want these words to become a reality by building concrete life models.
The world has come to a point where it is not enough anymore to point out the change that needs to happen… We must be that change.

To be this change we follow three guidelines in our daily life:
Mutual support
Responsible participation in the community and in the world

All of this will only succeed in the long term with a base of humanely functioning, grounded community. We cannot realise the highest goals if we are not able to found functioning communities which can survive. Ecological humanism needs new social structures. A new culture arises by reconnecting with the eternal laws of love and community.
There are definately many ways to reach this goal but there is only one key to open the gate: Rediscovering trust.

We dedicate our life to peace work.
The education of a peace worker includes education in love. This is a high task with a high goal. But there cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

May we, the youth of all countries step out of our pasts and enter into the possibility of a new era of planetary thinking, planetary friendship and planetary joy. May the young people from Toronto, Sydney, Nairobi, from San Francisco and Kiev come together. May we celebrate our new world community in Colombia and with the Zapatistas in Mexico, in Bethlehem and in Tamera. May we draw and actualise the information and forces from the code of life that will lead us to a future worth living on a wonderful planet.
We will do it, the “Movement for a Free Earth“ is underway.

Movement for a Free Earth
Tamera/Portugal, May 2009

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There is a model to look at

Patch Adams participated in the Easter Conference in Tamera, which brought together 30 peace workers, leaders and visionaries from all over the world in order to deal with the possibility of changing the world. In a short interview Patch described his deep impression from Tamera community, his love to the people and to the ideas he encountered, and his wish for a future cooperation. You can watch this beautiful interview at Youtube

Tamera was founded by Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and other visionaries in 1995. Together they developed this place in order to demonstrate how a humane future could look like. It is not at all finished.

We want to use Patch’s moving statement in order to invite you – sponsors, creative artists, radical scientists, youth activists and love adventurers – to support this new perspective for a future without war. Leave a comment! Start talking about these ideas in your circles!!

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Pacifism is the Reconciliation of the Human Being with himself

Today at the anniversary of the uprising in Tibet I want to quote some words by Dieter Duhm about pacifism and nonviolence. They are the deepest words I could find. I want to dedicate them to all those who lost their lives in the years of occupation and suppression and I also want to dedicate them to those who survived and still follow the path of nonviolence.
“Violence is the eruption of blocked life energies. Pacifism does not mean to gently appease violence, nor does it mean overcoming conflict through appeals for peace. True pacifism is the radical and intelligent commitment of the human being to the liberation of all life energies and creative forced that are present in him. Pacifism means taking an uncompromising stand for all living beings An uncompromising stand for achieving inner truthfulness and freedom – for pacifism is the reconciliation of the human being with himself.
(Dieter Duhm: Towards a New Culture)

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